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These two are going to live with a friend, but there will be three other profound bond sets on etsy this weekend. :)
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4/27 restock preview
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Still on the fence about if she’s going to go to Etsy on Sunday.  She’s one of my personal dolls and has been rerooted by tsubasahome and she’s on the custom big knocker torso (with the best color match I’ve ever done). But all my MH have been boxed up for months and months, so I feel like I should send her on.
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Check out our new stuff on Etsy including this Cleo inspired jumpsuit! http://hauntcoutureatelier.etsy.com/

Jam Tarts by Dollhouse Kitchen on Flickr.
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Breakfast by Dollhouse Kitchen on Flickr.
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Charley in Charge: Bon Apetit to Boho Chic by APPark on Flickr.
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Compost couture (por Picklepud)
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