[his angel bites are crooked I know heh]
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Hurrem by Amadiz on Flickr.
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Opal modeling a new headband I made #sirenitadolls #headband #skulls by I.G. (Sirenita) on Flickr.
Just waiting for her clothes to arrive in the mail #sirenitadolld #customtoys #customdolls #blythe #blythemuse by I.G. (Sirenita) on Flickr.
New lingerie by •°✿ Bouilleabetise ✿°• on Flickr.
My ETSY shop is opened! by •°✿ Bouilleabetise ✿°• on Flickr.
Easter cookie hamper by LittlestSweetShop
1/6 scale pretzels new update! by LittlestSweetShop
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